A Huge Blessing

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I am in awe of Earth's bountiful blessings.
God's loving Spirit permeates every atom of creation. Today I open my eyes and ears to behold the boundless variety and beauty of nature: a snowflake, a grain of sand, a glacier; a fawn, a fish, a colorful chameleon; the loud clap of thunder, the rhythmic lap of a wave against the shore, the inspiring sight of an eagle in flight.
From the tiniest seed of potential to a tall stand of trees stretching up to the heavens, our blessed earth reveals the infinite expression of Spirit. Today I breathe in the blessings of this wondrous planet. A deep appreciation of all life surges from within as I consider that God is within me and God is everywhere present. The love and life of God are abudantly on display, and I am grateful.
Then he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain and the earth yielded its harvest.--James 5:18

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