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I am one with the harmonizing love of God.
When I think of the word harmony, I think of God, for all harmony is of God. It's found in the ebb and flow of the ocean, a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, the rhythmic beating of my heart. The harmony of God is seen in the movement of a ballet dancer, the colors of a rainbow, the vast expanse of stars in the sky.
If I feel situations in my life are less than harmonious, I remember the harmony of God is "through all and in all." I think beyond any situation I am concerned about and remember the harmony of God is at work in everything I see, everything I do, and everything I experience. I relax in an awareness of divine love and feel harmony envelop me and fill my world with peace.
One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all.--Ephesians 4:

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