Christian Living - The High Calling Christian Living - The High Calling: "Since the holiday is now over, the question is are you truly ready for the new year? The need to move forward in life is at hand. We make plans, yet all plans take time and consideration. It is through both prayer and faith in Christ Jesus is essential to growing closer to God.

The Joy of Jesus is pushing toward "The High Calling in Christ Jesus." All we really need to do is to follow Jesus. We have been in deep prayer for all people in need. The economy is improving, new jobs are being created, people are not losing their homes so fast, yet violence and crime are still ever-present.

In conclusion, we must continue our walk with The Lord of all Salvation. Jesus gave His life on the cross for our salvation. God raised Jesus from the grave on the third day. Jesus said that He will return and set all things straight. The question is: Are you ready for The High Calling in Christ Jesus and all His Joy?"

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  1. Think on it. What an invitation ... next stop heaven! Dearest Jesus ... Come on down! I love Him!