A Message of Love from The Joy of Jesus

FaithWriters.com-Christian Christian Living - A Message of Love from The Joy of Jesus: Have you ever been so perplexed that you lost touch with your true feelings? There are so many people suffering that despair is an attitude of loveless situations gone bad. Is there a force for good that has been overlooked by our leaders that one would change the thinking of the direction of ones heart from war to peace? Yes. The Joy of Jesus is all about love.

However, people are so lost and blinded by the need for greed that they have missed the best part of life today. Jesus is the sum total of God's love. He gave His life for our sins on the cross so that we may live with Him Forever. We must turn our attention to God. All of creation knows its maker. Somehow people have forgotten that it is God that turns the lights both off and on today. God is love and it brings light unto the world. Jesus is that light.

The Joy of Jesus died for our sins. This is love. He forgave us. This is love. God raised him from the dead. This is love too. God will destroy all evil and make a new Heaven and Earth for those whom know The Joy of Love is Jesus Christ. This is love.

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