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Living in The Joy of Jesus 
by Dr.James A. Lee
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If some one were to ask you what you needed most in life today how would you answer? Sure there are the essential needs; food, shelter, and money. However, there are and is a need so deep that there are people today who refuse to acknowledged the greatest power in the universe.But, why. What is it that can give you joy in a world in pain? Jesus came to not only give us joy, but to give it more abundantly. Joy is a lot more than simply being happy. It is far more than a smile on ones face. The real question is to understand the source of ones joy? Real joy is knowing the God so loves the world that He gave His son to save the world from such hardships vested in a life of sin. Jesus gave His life on the cross for our salvation and was raised from the grave for us. We praise God today for all the love that He provides us in Christ Jesus. The grace of God is real. Joy id understanding just how precious we are in the heart of God in Christ Jesus. It is our faith in God through Christ Jesus is ours. The Joy of Jesus is real. It is the deep understanding of the love  of God.

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