Positive Thinking Dr. James A. Lee

I say yes to my highest good.
What do I say yes to in life? What do I affirm? Through my words, I reveal what I believe to be true. When I am centered in God, I affirm wholeness, love and abundant good.
If I find my words expressing lack, discomfort or separation from God, I take a moment to recenter. I quiet my thoughts, close my eyes, and take a gentle breath. Moving my attention to my heart space, I come home to my true center, my Christ Light.
I am whole. I am blessed. I am filled with peace. As I speak these words, I experience their truth.
I say yes to health, love and abundance in my life and claim my divine inheritance as a child of God. I say yes to my highest good.
Let your "Yes" be yes and your "No" be no.--James 5:12

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