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I live simply by setting my mind on Spirit.
The world seems more complex every day, and though I can't simplify society, I can simplify my own life. As I focus on Spirit, the complicated becomes more clear. Trouble does not disturb me when I am aware of Spirit's simple solutions. The answers are within.
I live simply, allowing God's gentle presence to work in and through me. I trust in the ever-present love and wisdom of the Divine.
When my mind is attuned to Spirit, I see the world from a higher perspective. Life's complexities dissolve. I relax, and time seems to slow down. I move gracefully through my days. Setting my sights on joy, my heart on love and my mind on peace, I live according to Spirit, simply and at ease.
Those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.--Romans 8:5

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