The Great Gift Dr. James A. Lee

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Through grace I am made whole.
I begin this day acknowledging that God's grace is my help in every need. I need not fear what the day may bring; rather, I bless whatever is ahead and give thanks. The spirit of God--the Spirit of Infinite Grace--is within me. All I need for a rich and satisfying day is available to me now.
Through God's loving grace, I find strength, wisdom and imagination. These divine gifts dwell within me; the choice to use them or not is mine.
Giving thanks for God's grace, I joyously accept and use each of God's gifts in me, knowing my life is becoming richer and more complete. I let my light shine with the love and grace of God, and all good things are made possible.
From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.--John 1:16

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