The Blessing of Work Dr. James A. Lee

I am divinely guided to my greatest happiness and success.
My work gives me the opportunity to be blessed while being a blessing. Today I open to new ways to serve right where I am. With my heart wide open, I see the good around me and the good that is mine to give.
Whatever my work, I consider it my way of serving God. I give it my best, just as I give my best to God. My success is measured by the ways in which I am a beneficial presence in my community. My fulfillment comes from a growing awareness of my positive contribution to the world.
If I am seeking new employment or new ways to serve where I am, I trust that I am divinely guided to my greatest success and fulfillment.
You have blessed the work of his hands and his possessions have increased in the land.--Job 1:10

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  1. Lord help me to be a blessing where ever you place me.