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Have you ever wondered what God was thinking and why? Do you ever take the time and think about the current events and ask Lord what does this mean? Often the affairs of this world can be rather baffling at best. War; hatred, poverty, social economics and death have all been called into question as to what the future may hold. Have you ever prayed about what can happen next?

The Christian living is one of faith. We walk in the believe that the will of God is perfect. However, there are situations that can occur that can give one, a moment of pause. For instance, when a celebrity dies in a tragic fashion. People become shocked and outraged. Then they move on with their daily affairs. Yet, at some point: have you ever asked God for meaning or direction?

The message that God gave us is clear to the household of faith. God so loved the world that he gave His Son, so that we who believe; will not walk in darkness, but in the light of The Lord. Jesus said, let not your heart be troubled, believe in God and believe also in Me.

Jesus gave His life on the the cross for all the sins of the world. God raised Him with all power and glory on the third day. This is our faith. Jesus will return one day. The question is: will you be ready? We must stay in pray for this day. All that we may experience is just to make us ready. The Holy Spirit has provide this message. Please feel free to share it: we pray in Jesus name.

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