Christian Healing - The Real Victory in Healing Healing - The Real Victory in Healing:
Why is there so much pain and sickness in the world today? We are experiencing deep inner-pain today for a number of reasons. The environment has been populated and our medical systems are not focused on healing in as much as billing. Yet, Jesus could heal in ways unknown to mankind.

Jesus could simply walk by and people were healed. The same is true for Peter and John as well. Jesus could heal the sick, and dying the dead to life. Our souls are in need of healing too. Just watch one hour of T.V.

In closing, a lady stopped me in the store, she was dying of cancer. She asked me to pray for her. I did. We continue to pray for all the sick and shut-in. People need the power of Jesus today . We need to know that Jesus died on the cross so that we may live. God raised Jesus from the grave for our salvation. It is by faith and prayer that we have the victory in Christ Jesus for all our needs.

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