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I rediscover the Christ in me.

Now is a fitting time to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. As I greet people with a sincere "Merry Christmas," the light of Christ within me shines forth.

I am merry as the joy from my Christ consciousness radiates outward. The Christ in me expresses through the love I feel and share with my family and friends. It shines through me as I worship, as I sing, and as I welcome guests into my home. The light of Christ is the love and appreciation I express for gifts given and received. It shines as I give thanks around the dining table and as I meditate quietly in the candlelight.

Christ in me is forever one with God's good. I rejoice in the Christ Presence shining forth from within and greet this holy season with a heartfelt "Merry Christmas!"

Christ is formed in you.--Galatians 4:19

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