Just to walk with Jesus

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Just to walk with Jesus
by Dr.James A. Lee
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Life is the gift from God that many have attempted to fully understand without a full comprehension of the meaning of such a glorious insight as to what to do with it. Life is all about love. We see it in movies and books yet true love is much deeper. Jesus is the best picture one may seek in ones quest to grasp the essence of love.

God is love. He gave us Jesus to learn of love in the hope, peace and joy found in the works of His life. Jesus did miracles to show love. He gave life, Jesus healed people. He feed them with very little, yet they were full.

Life and love is all about giving. God so loves us that He gave us Jesus. We too must give what is in our hearts to God. As we walk the various roads of life, let us walk with the Lord of our salvation in perfect, peace,hope love and joy that is found in Him.

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