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I am centered and aware of the divine order of my life.
When I consider the world around me, I see inherent order in all of life. Seasons change, planets follow their orbits, and tides ebb and flow--the force behind them is unseen, and it is good.

The same force that keeps the universe in order keeps my life in order. I am one with this creative energy. Together we co-create and establish order in the days and events of my life. Centered and aware of the divine order in which I live, I am at peace.

I am on a course of divine intention. I face each day with confidence and the assurance of right outcomes. I relax as experiences come and go, knowing that my life is unfolding in a way that will bring me to my greatest good.

Keep straight the path of your feet, and all your ways will be sure.--Proverbs 4:26"

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