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Waiting on The Joy of Jesus
by Dr.James A. Lee
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Why is everyone in such a hurry today? People can not do things fast enough. We want fast food, news and money to do whatever we want, 24/7. The real question is: What is God doing to help save the world? God gave us Jesus and The Holy Spirit to promote our salvation. Is this worth the wait?

God is patient. We too must learn the virtue of patience. Our society is in a mad race to the end. War and joblessness are the two main factors driving our economy. The rich are always getting richer, while poverty is on the rise. Why should we wait?

The Goodness of God is all about Love. God so loved the world that He gave us Jesus. All of our faith is in The Christ. This will indeed bring us everlasting life.

Jesus died in the cross for our sins. God raised Jesus on the third day with all power, honor and glory. We must continue to be patient. We must hold on to our faith in Christ Jesus. The Joy of The Lord is our salvation. Wait on The Lord and be of good cheer. Will you wait on Jesus when He returns?
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