Christian Living - Concern for Others is The Joy of Jesus Christian Living - Concern for Others is The Joy of JesusWhat happens to the people in real need today? Are they overlooked and forgotten? What about children who spend so much time alone because their parents are out doing whatever? The same can be said about our seniors are often alone and sick. Jesus had compassion on the masses.

We live in a time when greed and self destruction are key personality traits. People are often forgotten. The poverty rate is near 50 million people in the US. World poverty is rising too. What would Jesus do about this situation?

After the people were with Jesus for nearly three days, they were hungry. Jesus took what little they had, blessed and feed nearly 25,000 people. This number included woman and children. Plus there was twelve baskets of food left. Jesus demonstrated concern. The Joy of Jesus is all about concern for others; we need this concern today.

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