Faith - The Power of God in The Joy of Jesus Faith - The Power of God in The Joy of Jesus:Have you ever felt so weak that it is difficult to move on with simple tasks that require strength? This is true for many of our seniors today as well as the disable. Jesus was well aware that people needed such healing.

There are many stories of how Jesus healed a man who could not walk; another person who could not see, and a person who could not hear. Do we need such powers today?

Faith is the key to all the healing that Jesus performed. The joy of the lord is our salvation. We need to place all of our confidence in the power of God in Christ Jesus. God gave us Jesus so that we too may be healed, and share this power with the son as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The times in which we live are closer to the end as the day before, we must increase our faith in The Joy of Jesus. The meek shall inherit the earth. Jesus loves us so much that He gave His life in the cross. The real joy and power of God is when Jesus returns. Will you share in His, Power and Joy?

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