Faith - All My Heart to The Joy of Jesus Faith - All My Heart to The Joy of Jesus: We find ourselves in troubled waters for numerous reasons. People are running out of real options. Jobs and money are both running on short supply. Time is moving faster. Information is now a science. But what about the condition of ones heart?

St. Paul found contentment in Christ Jesus, We too can find such joy. It is faith in Jesus that can help ones heart find contentment. The joy of The Lord is our salvation.

Jesus gave His life so that we may live in perfect peace in Him. He shed His blood on the cross for our sins. Greed and corruption has run so deep that the average person is now facing uncertain danger.

Jesus understood how the rulers of the world were only concerned with their earthly power. God gave us Jesus, His only begotten son, so that by faith in Him we shall not die, but have ever lasting life. My heart cries out for the joy of Jesus for everyone today.

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