Convocation: Health and Healing, Rev. Dr. J.A. Lee

Scripture: "By his stripes we are healed" in the Bible: Isaiah 53:4-5

Words of Life: Our message is centered on the concept of health and healing. The pressures of life are almost, unbearable. The economic troubles have hurt so many people in numerous ways it is difficult to imagine. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in different ways. God is concerned about the pains we endure. Our scriture speaks to this issue quiet candidly in terms of ones healing.

God knows of our short comings. He sees the power of sin, namely greed that separates the have and have nots. There some people that have everything while on the other hand there are people without any food or shelter.

Is it that one group is bad and the other good? No matter what the situation we must all do what is right and good in the eyes of The Lord. Jesus was beaten for our sins. As a result we are healed. This is what we must rest are faith upon. The idea that God gave us Jesus.

We pray for healing and good health for all people. We trust in God. This is the faith to move mountains. This faith is so powerful that it can heal the broken heart and soul from a sin sick world. Our faith is in The Lord of our salvation. This will give us both good health and healing. Will you give to continue our work of healing and health? God Bless You for these words of comfort from The holy Spirit. By His Stripes We are Healed.

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  1. Dear God, I know in my heart that you love each of your children. Please send your Holy Spirit to be with all who are feeling desperate, whose lives seem to be crumbling apart. Show each of them Your Love, and provide each of them with Your Comfort.

    God, bless each one that has lost their jobs or about to. I am one of those people that has only have a per diem job. I pray to have a fulltime job also. . I thank you God for the blessing's you have blessed me with. A good home and a safe one, A loving husband who loves me unconditionally and protect me. A good daughter, very loving and so adorable . Thank you God for all of this blessings. Amen.