Women - The Pain and Joy of Motherhood Women - The Pain and Joy of Motherhood

The Pain and Joy of Motherhood
by Dr.James A. Lee
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What is one of the greatest days for which there is no holiday? Out of all the special days; which one stirs the greatest sense of joy and pain between the question of death vs. the living? What day brings tremendous joy and love that can barely be expressed? The mothers of the world are perhaps the only people on Earth to understand the depths of motherhood.

Jesus understood that His mother Mary was blessed among all women. At the cross, Jesus did not want His mother to weep for Him, but for the children of the future, so that they were to endure the hardships ahead. The mothers were the only ones to stand firmly with Jesus as he died on the cross. Sure John was was there, but what happened to the the other disciples?

Motherhood has changed so dramatically today because of the social economic conditions. Women are often facing single parent status; bread-winner, and standard barer for society. The Christian Faith is generally dominated by mothers.

There are so many mothers that have moved on to glory. We pray for their souls and praise God and thank God for the gift of love we had in this life. Jesus knew that the times in which we live will be a real challenge. However, Jesus understood the absolute power of faith.

Jesus died in the cross to save us from sin. God raised Jesus from the grave where he first appeared to the women/mothers to care for his anointing. But He was risen. My mother is alive but barely. This mother's day is one of joy and pain. The Joy of Jesus is the true gift of motherhood. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Happy Mother's Day to all God's Children....

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