Faith - Friday, May 23, 2014 | Daily Word

Faith - Friday, May 23, 2014 | Daily Word


My faith is a vital, vibrant part of my spiritual life. Through faith, I know that I am whole and well, no matter the situation. Through faith, I recognize my life overflowing with God’s good and blessed with prosperity.
Faith implies action to boldly step forward, move on, or stand strong, regardless of the challenge. If my faith wavers, I turn within in prayer. A brief reconnection with God brings me the assurance I need to continue on.
I energize my faith through prayer and meditation, staying centered in the Power that is always with me, directing my steps. My faith is steady and strong.

By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.—Hebrews 11:3

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