Communication - Why Must I Share The Joy of Jesus? Communication - Why Must I Share The Joy of Jesus?

There are so many people both lost and hurting in sin. What is the relief for them today? The typical answer is generally more sin, i.e.,drugs, sex, violence, crime and pain. We are witnessing crimes against people at an inhuman portions. The question is why?

I read that a man held three young-women prisoner for over 10 years for whatever he pleased. Why? People blowing up people at a well meaning marathon, and for what reason? The simple answer is sin, in other words; an absence of true love.

The Joy of Jesus is that sinners are saved by grace. What do we mean by this statement? Jesus came into this world to save sinners, which is everyone. Jesus died on the cross so that we may see the light. God raised Jesus on the third day so that we may live with Him in perfect peace.Joy.

Given this tremendous gift of faith in a people lost in sin to be saved without merit is a gift of joy. Therefore it must be shared. The Holy Spirit has used me to share this message of love to all who have eyes and hears to pay sharp attention to the meaning of this gift of both love and joy. This is why we must like and share an answer to life's basic question against the sins of the world. Jesus.

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