Faith - What's Next after Holy Week? Faith - What's Next after Holy Week?

Now that we have experience a soul moving Holy Week, what are we to do with the thereafter? In other words, how shall invest in the time that we have without the direct focus on a particular spiritual point of focus? Often I feel a sense of lost given the media's focus on world crises. This nation would love to destroy anther nation for reasons tat are not necessarily clear. Yet, Jesus has a much better opportunity for us, after the fact regarding the cross.

The Great Commissions is still at hand. We must continue to spread the Gospel. The real question is how, given our new forms of communication today?

The Joy of Jesus was an idea that the Holy Spirit gave me to share Gods Revelation in Christ Jesus on line. We have shared our message of joy for over 25 years, Praise God.

Our prayer after Holy Week is one of Joy in sharing the love of God all in Christ Jesus. We also thank God for all of the readers of our message of joy, and pray that they are indeed bless by all that Jesus did on the cross. We praise God for raising Jesus from the grave as well. Each day we must lift up the joy of love in Christ Jesus and praise God for the opportunity to do so.

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