Christian Living - Holy Week and What it Means Today

Christian Christian Living - Holy Week and What it Means Today

What week of the year has the most spiritual meaning towards addressing the real problems today? There are so many days and weeks of each year, people around the world are so different in terms of what exactly is important and why? We celebrate Super Bowel Week like everything on earth depended on its outcome. Yet, the event itself plays no real meaning to the suffering we witness on our streets each day. Jesus did what no one has ever done for the salvation of humanity.

The week that we deem most relevant today is when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey, and the people worshiped Him as The King.  Jesus healed a man that was blind from birth. Jesus enjoyed drinking wine of a new life with the forgiveness of sin. Jesus also broke the bread and blessed as a symbol of His body that would serve as a sacrifice for our misdeeds. Jesus went to garden a prayed for the sin debt be remove from Him, yet the grace of God through His will, stayed the course of suffering. Jesus sweat His blood because of His devotion to God and His love for you and I.

Holy week is when Jesus was jailed and beaten by a world lost in sin. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. Holy week is a time for one to take a hard look into ones soul with respect for the our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Joy of The Lord is our salvation. Week praise God for this week, because early one Sunday morning God raised Jesus from the grave of death to life. Holy Week is a time to praise God in Christ Jesus.

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