Faith - What Happened to 2012? Faith - What Happened to 2012?

Jesus said that no one knows the last day except The Father. In other words, God only knows the day and time. It still amazes me to hear people predict the last days pf Earth. it is also strange to learn of the steps people have taken to prepare for the last days as if there is something they could actually do.

People were stocking up on can goods, flash-lights and guns to prepare themselves for the end. I do not understand how these things can help when everything will be destroyed?

Jesus ask that we remain in the faith,and pray. We are to believe in God and Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Sure their were many people who died that day for one reason or another. We pray for their souls. However, the big day of doom pasted us by, and we thank God and praise God for it.

We see that another Christmas has come and gone without a commercial addressing the real reason for all the special sales. How much off? What are we to do as people of faith?

The belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was raised by God from the grave, and return soon is what we believe. There are so many people who need help today. There is still war. Children are dying because of violence in our schools and streets. These are wake-up calls to pray. The Joy of Jesus is the answer. Stay strong in our faith and hold on to Jesus. It is indeed He who will and can save us from our fears.

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