Faith - Faith in The Joy of Jesus Faith - Faith in The Joy of Jesus: "Does appear that the world is so confused today that it seems that there is no hope for the future? The Joy of Jesus is completely based on the future of another life. In Christ Jesus we have a new life.

Often, I see so many homeless people in the downtown area seeking or begging for money or food. It breaks my heart each time. We pray for them that their needs can be met. The real question is why?

The Joy of Jesus is based upon helping those in need. Jesus feed four thousand people with very little bread and fish. Yet we have so much more and do so little to help. Can we really help the helpless?

The only answer to help these people and any real problem in the world is ones absolute faith in the Joy of Jesus. God gave us Jesus as our Savior. Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the grave, just to return one day and the faithful. This is the Joy of Jesus. Our faith is his joy..."

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