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A Faith Worth Living
by Dr.James A. Lee
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Have you ever wondered what faith a really do if we were to trulyapply it to our lives in full measure? Jesus knew that a little faith could go a long way. Nevertheless, the rigors of life can appear rather stormy at best. What can we do to change this picture of gloom and despair?

The real question is one of understanding the very nature of life itself. There is so much we simply do not know nor understand about life. Why do we do the things that we do? Is it because we only do what we know? Can we change the things we like and dislike without some form of sacrifice? The world is dying to know.

Jesus knew too well the heart of mankind. The world wanted to kill Him for spreading love and the forgiveness of sin. Jesus walked on the water to demonstrate the power of faith. Jesus died on the cross as an act of faith and love for all the universe. God raised Jesus from the grave so that one day He will indeed return to judge us our our faith in Him.

Faith is the substance of the unseen. The new heaven and Earth; a perfect picture of pure joy. Jesus is the focus point of our faith. We must trust Him with our deepest affairs in life. The things we do not know are the image of God in Christ Jesus where the streets are gold and the gates are pearls that have not been seen on this planet. We pray that our faith will see us through to the victory in Christ Jesus by faith.
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