Calming Breath - Dr. James A. Lee

Calming Breath 

Calming Breath
When life gets hectic, I may feel pressured to move quickly. However, I have another choice. That choice is to breathe. It only takes a few seconds, yet it makes a world of difference.
I breathe in and out, fully and deeply—once and again. Mindfully, I take a breath in, and mindfully, I release. I am centered, focused and at peace. Calm washes over me. These few moments give my mind, body and spirit a mini-break. I remember I have all I need to meet any challenge.
With my mind now at ease, I return to my day reassured and serene. Perhaps I’ve even had a flash of insight. I am thankful as I remember to take a few moments throughout the day to be soothed by a calming breath.

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