Belive in God-Dr. James A. Lee

Believe - 

In the book This I Believe, famous men and women in history share their personal philosophies beginning with the statement, “I believe ….” So I ask myself, What do I believe? What is important to me? It may be the love of family and friends, or the pride I take in the place I live or the work I do.
While many things are important to me, the belief I hold most dear is my belief in the power and presence of God. This is the foundation of my life. It is the place where I begin and end each day, and it sustains me.
I close my eyes for a moment of prayer. Breathing into and out of my whole body, I rest in an awareness of God’s presence. At one with God, I am soothed and strengthened, empowered and enlivened. I believe in God’s presence within me. I am at peace.
“Lord, I believe.” And he worshiped him.—John 9:38

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