The Joy of Living Dr. James A. Lee

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I am the joy of Spirit in expression.
Energized by the change of seasons, I put aside indoor activities when I have the chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the outdoors. Whether I tend my garden, take a long walk, or sit in the sun at an outdoor cafe, I rejoice in my surroundings.
Yet I can be a joyful person wherever I am, on any day. To prepare the way, I sit quietly, contemplating the presence of Spirit within me. Lingering in the presence of God-essence for a few moments, I feel my mind and body awaken to pure life and joy. I am ready to share the joy of my spirit with everyone I meet.
Spirit within fills my soul with joy. As I open the window of my soul, I let that joy shine out to the world.
Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice.--1 Chronicles 16:31

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