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Lift Me Up The Ressurection
by Dr.James A. Lee
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What is the most challenging aspect of being a Christian today? The ideas surrounding the life of the believer could be like all and most faiths today. There are those who say wonderful things, do great deeds, and praise God all-day. What makes Jesus any different than most religious figures? Did anyone ever walk on the water? Did anyone conquer death?

The heart of the Christian faith is centered around ones faith in Jesus Christ. God promised a savior. The Son of God is indeed God in the flesh. Jesus endured all of the worlds abuse in life, and took it all to the cross.

What is it that gives us incredible hope? Jesus feed five-thousand people with a small amount of food with plenty left-over. Jesus heal many a sick soul, he raise people from the grave; and Jesus taught the Word of God. Our hope is based in that Jesus died for our sins. The Power of God Raised Jesus from the grave to the highest heavens. Gory to God for Lifting Jesus Up. We too will be like Him when Jesus returns to Lift Us Up with Him, The Christ.
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