Waiting on The Lord is Worthwhile

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Waiting on The Lord is Worthwhile
by Dr.James A. Lee
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We spend a great deal of time waiting on a variety of things in life. Farmers wait on their crops. People wait in line at the store, airports, and and for a fine meal that requires time. The Bible tells us to wait on the Lord.

Jesus had compassion with all people. He would make the time to teach and provide comfort the people.

People are in such a hurry today. Everything is moving so fast. Time is one in the same with God. Jesus came to give life more abundantly. Jesus said that he will prepare a place for us.

Streets of gold, pearly gates, and pure joy in praising God. We thank God for all spiritual blessings as we wait on the Lord. As we wait on the Lord let us be of good cheer. It is more than worthwhile; it is everlasting.
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