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Aligned with the Presence, I am in harmony with life.
Each musician in an orchestra tunes his or her instrument to a universally accepted pitch. During the tuning process, each musician listens carefully and makes the necessary adjustments. The jarring effect of dissonant sounds shifts to tranquility as all the instruments come into harmony.
To be in agreement and alignment with the Presence, I also need to make adjustments. I quiet my busy mind and release any chaotic or unsettled thoughts. I center on my heart space and listen carefully to the stillness of God's spirit within me. Heart and mind come into harmony with one another.
Present to this moment, I feel my heart rate slow, my breathing calm. I am in tune with my Higher Self, in peace and harmony.
Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.--Philippians 2:5 (RSV)

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