The Light of The Lord

I am attuned to Spirit and act on the guidance I receive.
At certain times in my life, I may want to make detailed plans, and at others, I am more comfortable waiting to see what happens. In either case, divine guidance is available to me.
When I pray for guidance, the answer may be subtle or unmistakable. Direction may come as a whisper or it may seem like an opportunity has been dropped in my lap. However it manifests, I listen to Spirit and pay attention to my inner knowing.
Whether I am setting goals and outlining a plan, or simply setting an intention and observing what transpires, I hold to my faith. I take action, ask for help if I need it, and celebrate success with gratitude to God.
When you walk, they will lead you; when you lie down, they will watch over you. --Proverbs 6:22

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