Christian Healing - True Healing and Why Healing - True Healing and Why: "What the world needs today more-so than yesterday is to address the real suffering that people experience? Every time I go outside I see suffering in the street. We are sick and dying because the lack of faith.

Jesus came to end suffering and to wipe away all tears. Meanwhile the public is doing its own thing and greed is taking away jobs, homes, and nations, What can be done to create the healing we need?

The real answer is vested in ones faith in our Lord and Savior. Jesus gave His life on the cross for the sins of world. Yet, greed and disbelief is having its last days. When God rose Jesus from the grave, He overcame death. Jesus will return to close this chapter of malice. God will wipe out all suffering for a true and real healing. He will end suffering and wipe away the pain and the tears."

By Dr. James A. Lee

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