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I behold the Christ in each person for whom I pray.

I begin my prayer for others by centering myself in the peace of God. From a consciousness of faith and peace of mind, I affirm: God is your help in every need.

As I pray for my dear ones, I hold an image of them in my mind that affirms the radiance of their being as a beloved child of God. If they are experiencing a health challenge, I behold them whole and well, functioning perfectly and enjoying life. If their need is financial, I envision them abundantly blessed, in the flow of God's good, with every need being met. If they are at a crossroads, I affirm they are being divinely guided along the path that is right for them.

With a faithful heart, I pray for others.

I pray that ... he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit.--Ephesians 3:16

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