Prophecy - The Joy of Jesus is in the Clouds Prophecy - The Joy of Jesus is in the Clouds:

How shall we know it is The Lord? This is a profound question as to the nature of God and the future. We now that Jesus will return to Earth as promised. The real question is how?

When Jesus took Peter, James and John to a mountain with Him, there was a great transformation. Jesus turn in to a dazzling white. He spoke with Moses and Isaiah on the mountain. Then a cloud appeared. God spoke and said. This is my Son listen to him.

Jesus said when he returns in will come in a cloud.

I love clouds. There some that are so white and fluffy. A big ball of cotton. Jesus will come to us in the most beautiful cloud ever seen. The Joy of Jesus is found in the clouds. We must always look up.

God will speak to our hearts of the love and joy of Jesus. We must place out trust in Him.God said, listen to him. We must follow Jesus and hold tightly to His words of eternal joy in the clouds.

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