The Day before Our Greatest Gift

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In the Silence, I am strengthened and renewed.

Before I begin my day, I rest in the silence of the morning, close my eyes and breathe in deeply. A smile comes to my lips as I feel the loving presence of God.

In silence there is power, depth, beauty and strength. I can never be alone, for God dwells within me. Silently, my prayers go forth to bless a dear one, and silently, I meditate upon the joy within.

It is in the silence that God strengthens my faith and fills me with courage. In the silence are born new aspirations, new inspirations and renewed faith. In the silence, I walk and commune with the indwelling Spirit and rest in God's sustaining love. Peace, be still. I am in the presence of the Almighty. In glorious wonderment I travel on holy ground.

Be silent, all people, before the Lord.--Zechariah 2:13

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