Christian Living - A Time to be Glad Christian Living - A Time to be Glad:
If one were to look into the various news stories in the media one would not find much to celebrate in terms of making one glad? The main events around the world can cause one into despair. How can you find the real meaning of joy today? The answer to this lack of gladness could be closer than one could ever imagine. Jesus is always the solution.

During my daily devotion the words of St. Peter in God's Word came to as a ray of light and pure joy. He said rejoice with unspeakable joy in The Joy of our Lord of all salvation. Therefore we must glorify God in Christ Jesus and The Power of The Holy Spirit for all things inn Christ Jesus.

Nevertheless, we continue to find that there is still deep suffering in the world. This problem must be addressed with prayer for others today. Lord we continue to pray for all people and God's Creation in Christ Jesus name. Let The Joy of The Lord Jesus rule your hearts and minds today. The Joy of Jesus needs you to lift Him Up all-day and everyday. Glory to God in The Joy of Jesus.
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