Christian Living - Where is The Love? Christian Living - Where is The Love?: Why are people falling out of love today? There is so much violence that family are beginning to kill each other in the home. War has destroyed the idea of peace. All of the resource to build a society is being directed for death. Jesus came to give us peace and love.

The end days will take a serious look at the prayers of the righteous. It is so important to pray for love. God is love. Jesus is the pure refection of God on Earth. Jesus gave us a solid example of love when He being Lord washed His disciples feet. Jesus cared for His people. He took care of them as an act of love. Who is this concerned today as to take care of the people?

Jesus gave His life so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly. To died on the cross for our sins is the greatest act of love. God raised Jesus from the grave, and the good news is that Jesus will return to set love right. All evil will be be put to death. Love will and is The Joy of Jesus.

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