Christian Living - True Faith is The Joy of Jesus Christian Living - True Faith is The Joy of Jesus:Has religion gotten so political that real faith is hidden in the cloud of self-serving organizations that could probably care-less? We live in an over communicated world. Jesus said,"Let those with ears to hear, hear what the spirit has to say."

Jesus first sermon was about being sorry for sin,seeking peace, mercy, meekness and righteousness in order to be happy and experience the kingdom of God. We must take heed to these words of tremendous insight. Jesus was only speaking the wisdom from God the Father to us. God knows that sin equals death.

Jesus gave His life on the cross for our sins. We must confess, repent, and be sorrowful regarding sin. The Bible tells us that God raised Jesus on the third day with all power, honor, and glory. The Joy of Jesus is all about our faith in the power of Jesus to save us. We must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus will return to make all things right. This is The Joy of Jesus.

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