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I open my heart and pray for others.
During Jesus' ministry, he often opened his heart to the needs and concerns of others and enfolded them in prayer. Following his example, I pray for others often. Whether I am at work, church, the grocery store, driving my car or doing household activities, I can hold another in prayer.

My prayer may be as simple as "Thank you" or "Bless you." Every moment in which I turn my thoughts inward to the spirit of God at the core of my being is a prayer. I am grateful for such moments, for they enable me to express my faith and bless the people whose lives touch mine. My prayers are loving, compassionate and supportive. By opening my heart in prayer, I send love to others and become a channel for good.

Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.--Philippians 2:4"

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