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The answers I seek are found within.
When I read an instruction manual or guidebook, I learn what steps to take and the order in which to take them. Sometimes, however, there are no clear guidelines or guidebooks.

When I am challenged by my finances, a relationship or a major life decision, my judgment may be clouded by doubt or confusion. Yet I know the answers are available to me when I get worry and fear out of the way.

I go within and ask indwelling Spirit, "What is mine to do?" As I listen for the answer, I may receive it as an inner knowing or a quiet whisper. I know it is divine because it is uplifting and loving. The more I follow this guidance, the clearer the inner voice becomes. My faith and confidence grow as I rely on the guidance of Spirit.

Let us also be guided by the Spirit.--Galatians 5:25"

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