Christian Living - Building a Stronger Life Christian Living - Building a Stronger Life
Building a Stronger Life
by Dr.James A. Lee
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Are you concerned about the quality of life as you know it? Is there a hidden fear that makes life seem uncertain? These concerns are rather normal given the media's bleeds it leads policy. However, Jesus understood these situations and delivered a solution.

What can we do to address the whole notion of fear? The answer is clear. We must as The Apostle Paul suggested that we build up the inner person. In other words, our focus is to concentrate on Jesus. Can this really help?

When Jesus walked in the water; Peter did so as well. Yet, when dear, Peter took his mind off of Jesus he began to sink. Why?

If we want to be stronger we must grow in The Lord of our Salvation. We must continue to pray, read our Bibles and stay focused on Jesus. These are the things we can do to reduce fear and build up our faith. Jesus died on the cross so that we may live in perfect peace with Him. He rose from the grave and will return. Let us pray for the day.

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