A New World for Old Problems | PRLog

A New World for Old Problems | PRLog: "A New World for Old Problems

The World Problems seem to be getting worst. What can one do to keep hope for the future? The Joy of Jesus has an answer for you today.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 13, 2011 – The world economic conditions may have stabilized to a certain degree, yet joblessness and housing are still at alarming levels. The average family has been hit so hard by recession that it is basically punch drunk. Despair is commonly the word of the day. Is there any real hope?

The Joy of Jesus Church online is a symbol of hope to a world lost in a dark social economic place. Greed has become so overwhelming that the real concern is secondary at best. Dr. James A. Lee is deeply concerned for those without hope. We pray for you as well as those who are lost in greed as well.

The information that the Joy of Jesus promotes is Green Technology, New Jobs and inproved communities centered on love. The world is what you make it. The Joy of Jesus has faith in a new world without the old problems.thejoyofjesuschurchonline.blogspot.com/"

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