A Faith for You

Is your faith ever been in question? There are so many issues today that the average person must stop and ask what will happen next? We go from one situation ti another without any real solutions. War and poverty, crime, corruption, and schools firing much needed teachers are all on the table. What dose faith have to do with anything?

Jesus was a person of tremendous faith. He died on the cross for the sins of the world. We as believers must trust that this is the case in spite of the riggers of life as we know it. God raised Jesus from the dead as an act of faith. We too must hold on to our faith until the end.

Our faith is in the Christ and Hid love. We too must continue to love and keep our faith centered on God's Love in Christ Jesus. We pray that our faith will remain strong even under the most trying circumstances. We praise God and Thank God for you in Christ Jesus. Our prayer is that The Joy of Jesus is Faith; God's Grace will do all that we need to live in peace with God forever in heaven. In Jesus name we pray. A-men..

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