The Joy of Jesus is Compassion

Convocation: The World is in need of compassion. There is too much suffering today. People continue to lose their jobs and homes at an alarming rate. Greed is the call for the day. People are giving up their faith. Hope seems to be on the downward tick. What are we to do?

The Joy of Jesus cries out for all people in need. We pray for The Will of God be done on Earth. Let our lights shine in a dark world. Let us have the compassion of Christ Jesus.

Yes, times are hard. Yet, we have the victory in Christ Jesus. The Glory of God is The Joy of Jesus. We need to share our hope and faith in the Lord. Jesus gave His life on the cross and was raised from the grave for our salvation. Jesus will return to give God all of the honor, power and glory. We pray for the compassion of Jesus today in His name. A-men.

Scripture: Matthew 14:14 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.

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