God Answers Prayers from The Joy of Jesus

Convocation: We praise god each day for all that He has done in Christ Jesus. The Gulf has been capped so far. We praise God for all of His Glory found in the faith we have in Jesus.

The Joy of Jesus realizes all of the work that was done on the cross. Jesus grace His life for the sins of the world. God and His Glory raised Jesus from the grave. Jesus will return to set all things right in the universe. We are to be always prayerful with the hope that God is love and Jesus will give us eternal life.

Praise God with us. Show your love through an offering. Bless our sponsors and all who support our work of love. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Bless all of our members. We pray for jobs for all families. We pray for a better world in the name of Jesus. Blessed is the name of the Lord of our salvation. In Jesus name we pray.

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