Convocation 1 million Strong for The Joy of Jesus

The battle line for good and evil are becoming clearer each day for the people of faith. There are so many problems in the world that give us signs that mankind can not handle in a conventional sense. Our prayer is simply and clear. We pray for love.

The Joy of Jesus is growing each day to the glory of God. Our faith is in The Power of God in Christ Jesus. God is Love.

We believe the more we find love in our hearts the closer we are with God in The Joy of Jesus. All Jesus wanted to do was the will of god. This is all we ask in prayer.

We need your support. Do share our site with your contacts. Visit our sponsor, obtain our toolbar and pass it on to your contacts. We pray for 1 million people to join The Joy of Jesus today. We are asking that God bless you and everyone with everything they need in the Lord. In Jesus name we pray....

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