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What is the Purpose of the Fruits of the Spirit?

There are two huge things that the Fruits of the Spirit accomplish here on Earth.

* They give you the power to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

Without the Holy Spirit bearing spiritual fruit inside of you, you would be powerless.

You wouldn't have the endurance and faithfulness to complete the calling that God has given you. You wouldn't even have the self-discipline to study your Bible or pray.

Without the Fruits of the Spirit, the gifts that God has hidden inside of you, would stay locked away forever.

* They are what God uses to draw people to Himself through you.

Do you know anyone who, no matter the situation, always radiates a godly peace - They are unshakable. People in this world are drawn to that kind of peace.

With all of the chaos surrounding them every day, they search their entire lives for whatever peace and joy they can get their hands on.

They end up trying to fill the void with fleeting counterfeits like alcohol and illicit sex. Things that merely numb their pain for a short while, but leave them longing once again, after the party is over.

When they look at you in a time of crisis, and see God's unshakable peace and joy staring back at them through your eyes, they want to know what you know.

Then, you can introduce them to Who you know.

Remember, the Fruits of the Spirit are not something that you can scrounge up on your own, but gifts that God gives to you. He uses them to set you free from human frailties like anger, fear and depression.

He wants to give you His peace for your stress and anxiety, His love for your unforgiveness, His joy for your depression, and on and on. I explain more about how this Great Exchange takes place, as well as your vital role in the process, in The Hem's Online Bible Class, The Spirit Controlled Life.
Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study:
Reflection Questions:

1. Do you believe in your heart that you have been Marked by the Spirit of God? Why or why not?

2. Do you agree with the idea that people in the world can be drawn to God by His fruit in your life? Why or why not?

3. What Fruits of the Spirit do you already see manifesting in your life?

4. Which of the 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit do you still need God to manifest inside of you? Stop now and pray for the Holy Spirit to begin this work today

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